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Happy International Women’s Day!

Earn up to 50% cash rebates* for you and your female friends when you do a direct transfer to her MatchMove MasterCard wallet!
*Terms and Condition apply

How to participate?

  1. Login to your MatchMove Wallet
  2. Go to “Transfer Credit
  3. Start transferring by sending credits to your friends either by email or mobile options

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion will start on 8 March from 0:00 hours till 23:59 hours.
  2. Only the first 30 transfers during promotional period are entitled to the cash rebates.
  3. Cash rebates for winners will be as follow:
    – Sender will be entitled to 45% cash rebates.
    – Receiver will be entitled to 5% cash rebates.
  4. The accumulated winning cash credits for both sender and receiver are capped at $100. (for both accounts).
  5. The minimum amount of credits to be transferred must be $50 and above.
  6. MatchMove MasterCard holders who wanted to do multiple transfers are encouraged to send to multiple unique existing MatchMove MasterCard holders or non-existing MatchMove MasterCard holders.
  7. Recipients who send money back to their senders will not be entitled to this bonus promotion.
  8. All existing MatchMove MasterCard holders can send to a non-existing MatchMove MasterCard holders via mobile or email.
  9. Non-existing MatchMove MasterCard recipients must have successfully signed up for the MatchMove MasterCard, complete the face-to-face verification and claimed the sent credits successfully in order to be entitled to the cash rebates.
  10. Winners are required to complete their face-to-face verification in order to claim the cash rebates.
  11. Winners will be determined based on the timestamp recorded in MatchMove’s database. In case of a tie between two qualified winners, the final winner will be determined by the transaction ID indicated in MatchMove’s report.
  12. Cash Rebates will be credited directly into your MatchMove MasterCard by 31 March 2016 and users must manually redeem the cash rebate within 7 days of receiving the SMS notification.
  13. All unclaimed credits will be forfeited after 7 days without exception.
  14. All winners’ names will be published on MatchMove’s website after the promotion has ended.
  15. MatchMove MasterCard which have not successfully completed the face to face identity verification and email address verification will not:
    – be qualify for the promotion
    – be able to transfer money to another MatchMove Account
    – be able to claim cash rebates
  16. Users are required to use their full name as in NRIC/FIN, a valid Singapore mobile number and Singapore residential address to sign up for a MatchMove MasterCard.
  17. Winners who have closed their accounts after participating in the promotions will have their credits forfeited.
  18. Promotion is open to all new and existing MatchMove MasterCard holders who are Singaporeans, PRs or foreigners who are holding Singapore work permits and residing in Singapore.
  19. MatchMove reserves the rights to alter, modify and cancel this promotion at its own discretion.
  20. This promotion is not open to employees of MatchMove Pay and MatchMove reserves the right to disqualify any participant who fails to comply with any of these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion.